Empowering youth in Haiti to build a better future through education, mentoring and resources

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58% Funded
Still Needs $881 (of $2106)
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Upcoming Students

Phara Age 24 - Vocational School, Year 2
Carrefour, Haiti

Canelise (Kiki) Age 22 - Vocational School, Year 3
Carrefour, Haiti

Dullon Age 21 - University, Year 1
Carrefour, Haiti

RISING Scholarships Include:


It all starts with access to getting an education. For RISING Students, this means providing whatever each student needs to return to school—tuition, uniforms, lunches, and more.


We all need the help of people who’ve been there before. RISING mentors care for and encourage the holistic growth of each student— mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


These are the tools students need to succeed, such as access to computers and the Internet and a local Resource Center to study, connect, and grow together.

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Recent Scholarship Recipients

La Plaine, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti


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