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Denise Age 27 - University, Year 2
Carrefour, Haiti

Nerline Age 24 - University, Year 2
Carrefour, Haiti

Diemsonn Age 22 - University, Year 1
Carrefour, Haiti

RISING Scholarships Include:


It all starts with access to getting an education. For RISING Students, this means providing whatever each student needs to return to school—tuition, uniforms, lunches, and more.


We all need the help of people who’ve been there before. RISING mentors care for and encourage the holistic growth of each student— mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


These are the tools students need to succeed, such as access to computers and the Internet and a local Resource Center to study, connect, and grow together.

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Recent Scholarship Recipients

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

Carrefour, Haiti

RISING Stories & Updates

Back to School Again On a typical day when school is in session, you will see countless children wearing uniforms on their way to and from school. The sounds of children laughing and chattering bellow up from the streets. School bells ring and children in their classes sing and recite lessons together. Unfortunately, this year has been sadly quiet since much of the year schools have been closed.

Life for Haitian Students During CovidĖ19 Since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, kids all around the world have been forced to stay home from school. Itís been tough everywhere, but in developing countries like Haiti itís extra difficult. Young people in Haiti generally do not have access to computers, internet, or even consistent electricity and running water.

Street Merchants Catch a glimpse of the life of a street merchant in Haiti. These brave individuals get up everyday and toil in the hot sun to provide for their families.

Instruction + Work = Freedom Young Haitians are battling for the freedom that comes from the opportunity to get an education and find decent work. Sadly, most of them have been denied this freedom, bound instead by the shackles of poverty.

Social Class in Haiti Social classes have always been a part of Haitian society, and sadly they are alive and well today contributing to the marginalization of Haiti's poor.

RISING Feeding Program Imagine sitting in class hungry because you couldn't afford to pack a lunch for school. We don't want this to be the story of any of our RISING students and that's why we started the RISING feeding program.

They Gave Electricity! Imagine practicing social distancing from COVID-19 with no internet, lights or fans in a hot, tropical climate.

Money or Education? Through the course of our discussion, several students shared competing views. Some said that money was more important because the purpose of education is to get money. Others argued that education is about much more than getting money.

Why We Fund University Scholarships Sometimes people ask us why we support university students? Itís true that if you support younger students with lower school costs you can reach more students ó but our goal isnít only to reach more students.

Why We Don't Show Pictures of Kids in Huts These are the youth of Haiti, and poverty has stripped them of the opportunities most of us take for granted.


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