Bridging the Gap

JUNE 2019

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by Bethany Gray Bethany is the RISING Co-Director in Haiti, building relationships on a local level and helping the local program thrive and grow on a regular basis.

The morning sun shows itself over the horizon, stirring to life a slumbering city in preparation for the day ahead. It rises each morning consistently like clockwork and so must he. A husband of twelve years and a father to three girls and one baby boy, Biad is the sole provider for his family.

Each morning he wakes up knowing that he must go out and make whatever money he can so his family will have enough to live. Biad makes a living hauling trash for his neighbors. Every day, he carefully maneuvers his cart hand-pulled through hot, crowded streets while minding the honks from vehicles and motorcycle taxis hurrying past like worker bees on a mission. His work is backbreaking and demanding, a true testament to the immense love he has for his family.

But, at the end of the day, sometimes there is not enough money to pay for his girls to attend school.

Imagine that for a moment: to work tirelessly for your family, to want something as simple as an education for your children, and still not have the resources to bridge the gap.

Everyone deserves access to education and the opportunities it provides. This is why the work RISING is doing is so important, it helps to fill in the gaps that stand between youth and their education. Between families and their ability to build a better life for their children.

After meeting with Biad and his family, we learned they were in need of some money to finish paying off the tuition for their three girls for the year. While they had managed to pay for most of the year already, without the money for the final payment the girls would be held back, losing the work they put in this whole school year.

And here's the good news: Thanks to the generous contributions given to RISING, we were able to come alongside Biad’s family and help his daughters, Erncia, Erline, and Louna, finish the school year. His girls will be able to complete this year's school term and move on to the next grade in the fall.

It is a joy and an honor to come alongside families, knowing that the help they receive will keep kids in school and make a huge impact on their future. These children are the future and Biad's family believes what we know to be true: education is one of the first steps to changing the trajectory of their lives, individually, as a family, and as a nation.

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