Why Education

Education has the power to completely change the trajectory of a young person's life, and ultimately, entire communities.


In countries like Haiti, where 85% of schools are private, many children and youth cannot afford to go to school. The average Haitian age 25 or older has less than 5 years of education, and 40% of people over 15 years old cannot read or write. This widespread lack of education has caused far-reaching problems for individuals and society as a whole.

When young people fail to get a basic education they are doomed to continue the cycle of poverty into which they were born, leading to a life without dignity or hope for the future. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Crowd-funded scholarships provide financial assistance to students so they can return to school, but it doesn't end there. When you donate toward RISING, young people receive:


Covering school costs such as tuition, books, uniforms, transportation and lunches.

We know simply giving away money is not the solution to poverty, but a lack of money is still often part of the problem. Scholarships providing access to education are a great way to give financial support because they require responsibility on the part of the recipient. RISING students must apply themselves in school and keep up their grades to remain eligible for the program. A scholarship is not a handout. It's an opportunity.


Providing the support students need to stay on track when life gets hard.

Money isn't the only thing holding students back from future success and growth. Many RISING students lack an adequate support system, with parents who never had the opportunity to receive an education themselves or caretakers at the point of exhaustion just trying to keep food on the table. RISING mentors help students with homework, provide a listening ear, or offer much needed advice and support. They are a part of students' lives. They care. And that can make all the difference.


Safe places for students to study, meet with mentors, and access technology.

Imagine growing up in a tiny home with no computer, few books, and a lack of basic supplies like paper and pencils. This is life for most RISING students, and that is why providing physical spaces where students can access the tools they need to succeed is so important. Resource Centers are open every afternoon during the school year, and local RISING staff provide supervision and assistance to students who come to study, access computers, and connect with other students.

“Hope is everything. It just gives you that sense of waking up each day and wanting to start a new day again, over and over. Living without hope is like living without breathing.

Dullon, Age 19

Going Deeper

Through scholarships, mentoring and resources, RISING students receive support that extends beyond the classroom so they have the opportunity to grow not only as students but as human beings. The result is a positive impact in even deeper ways that are harder to quantify. Here are 3 of the less visible—but infinitely valuable—ways RISING is impacting students' lives:


Watching other kids put on freshly pressed uniforms and head off to school makes those left behind feel discouraged and ashamed. But when these same young people put on their new uniform for the first time and return to school, they are reminded they have value—human dignity—and something to offer to the world around them.


Poverty does so much more than rob people of material things. It also causes a deep sense of discouragement that can lead to despair. However, when young people have the opportunity to pursue an education, they begin to believe there is hope for their future.


RISING is a community of dedicated students, mentors, staff, and donors committed to serving their families, neighborhoods, and countries. Through interaction with this community, we believe young people will grow to understand their infinite value, unique purpose, and the deep joy that comes from allowing God's loving presence to transform their hearts and minds.


Join us in empowering young people to build a better future.

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