How It Works

Local programs run by local staff and mentors on the ground, with 100% transparency about where your donation goes.


How Students Receive Scholarships


Local RISING staff select qualified scholarship applicants.

This is based on two requirements: all students must have significant need and a desire to go to school. Since most young people in Haiti meet these requirements, our goal is to prioritize students who exhibit the highest degree of need, desire, and potential.


Scholarships are crowd-funded by generous people like you.

We can do amazing things together that we could never do alone! Scholarships are funded 1-at-a-time (no competing between students!) by a combination of monthly and one-time donations. When you give to RISING you become a part of a community of people dedicated to battling poverty through education, giving students the opportunity to work to build a better future.


Students receive financial aid, mentoring, and resources.

Donated funds are sent into local communities where local RISING staff take care of everything students need in order to go to school. Students are then matched with an appropriate mentor and connected to usable technology and the larger community of RISING students through the local Resource Center.

100% Financial Transparency

We know there are thousands of causes you could donate your money to, so we want to be very clear about where every single dollar donated toward each RISING scholarships goes.

RISING Scholarship Funds Distribution

70% of funds from each scholarship go directly to Haiti to be managed by local RISING staff and allocated appropriately toward each student's school fees, mentoring, and available resources. Donated funds that stay in the U.S. are allocated toward program and staffing costs incurred in the U.S. (12%), ongoing fundraising efforts (10%), and administrative costs (8%).

RISING Partners

We're able to allocate such a high percentage of donated funds directly toward the local program because of the contributions of our RISING Partners. Donations from this group of generous supporters provide the means to develop a strong monthly donor network, allowing us to accept new students into the program each and every month.

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