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We believe in empowering local people and growing RISING on the community level. For this reason, we've committed to send 70% of each RISING scholarship directly into the community to pay for school fees, mentoring, resources, and local staff. This means that after US program and support costs, only 10% of donated funds are going toward our ongoing efforts to fundraise and present RISING to a wider audience. That's where RISING Partners come in.

Our 2019 goal is to raise $70,000 through RISING Partner donations. As a RISING Partner, your donations provide the means to develop a strong monthly donor network, allowing us to accept new students into the program each and every month.

HOPE Partners

HOPE Partners go above and beyond by committing to donate at least $300/month or making a one-time donation of $5000 or more.

When you become a HOPE Partner, you gain the opportunity to engage with RISING at a deeper level! This includes special reports from RISING staff, the chance have video calls with students in the program, and periodic opportunities to join other HOPE Partners on trips to see the hope of RISING firsthand. To learn more about becoming a HOPE Partner, email

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Donations can be made by clicking the buttons above or by sending a check to the address below:

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  RISING is a program of Experience Mission