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Last year Cliff's father became ill and lost much of his income, so Cliff was faced with the prospect of dropping out of school. Through the generous support of Watermark Church he received an EM scholarship and passed his junior year with honors as the second student in his class. This scholarship will enable him to complete his senior year of high school. Cliff loves languages; he is a self-taught English speaker, and he hopes to begin learning Spanish soon. He has worked with EM teams for the last 5 years both as a volunteer and as a hired translator. He loves working in missions and he says that his time with the teams has radically changed his life. When he's not studying or helping with mission teams, his favorite pastime is reading. Upon graduation, he is determined to attend university where he hopes to study international relations.

Age: 18
Grade 13
School: College Mixte Frere Lominy
Concentration: High School
Location: Carrefour, Haiti


February 10, 2016

Cliff is now in his senior year of high school, and he’s very excited to graduate. He continues to maintain excellent grades in school as always. In addition to academic work, he is in a public relations role for his school’s comedy club. Essentially his responsibility is to help student groups from the club to prepare appropriate content and present their final scripts to school leadership. He also helps them promote the production to local community members. In this role, he gains experience in leadership and communication. He continues to help out with EM teams, and he is very interested in working in missions in the future. He says that whatever the future holds for him vocationally he is determined to invest himself into serving others. After he graduates, he would love to attend University and study International Relations.


Grand Haven, MI

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