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Mike is a bright, motivated young man who has been very active in his local church and has served as a translator for EM teams. His father left his family when he was little leaving them in a dire situation. Often they wondered where the next meal would come from yet they pressed on. Mike enjoys school and he is consistently among the top students in his classes. He hopes to begin his freshman year of high school next year, but tuition will be much more expensive than previous years, so his family is in need of financial assistance to make this happen. Mike is ambitions and he hopes to be a diplomat one day.

Age: 15
Grade 10
School: Cote Plate
Concentration: High School
Location: Carrefour, Haiti


February 10, 2016

Mike is currently in his freshman year of high school and this scholarship will enable him to finish the year. He does well in school and his favorite subject is chemistry because he enjoys his lab experiments. He’s also very interested in learning new languages. He speaks English and has helped translate for EM teams in the past. He’s currently in an English club at his school where he is able to practice his skills through impromptu speeches, writing, and grammatical exercises. He also participates in a program for Haitian students through Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). He hopes to go to the States next March to participate in an FBLA contest for international students which will include basic business training. Mike loves sports, and he is the goalkeeper for his school’s soccer team. He hopes to move on to college after he graduates where his is considering a concentration in linguistics or international relations. He regularly attends a local church, but he wanted to express how important it is to him to not only go to church but also have a close personal relationship with the Lord. His message to you as his donors is that he is praying for you and he is thankful for your support and the work you're doing to invest in kids in Haiti.


Grand Haven, MI

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